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  1. All myYoku users have to agree to these terms and conditions on signup.
  2. The “myYoku Card/Website” will remain the property of myYoku, while the content belongs to the user.
  3. Users cannot migrate the myYoku card / website anywhere else (unless expressly agreed to in writing by all parties concerned and only under exceptional circumstances).
  4. Purchased domains (including domain emails) and Content belongs to the client – but the myYoku card/website will always remain the property of myYoku.
  5. Purchased domains – upon request, users will be given access to their domain cPanel (please note: any additional cPanel / email setup assistance will be charged at the standard hourly rates).
  6. Purchased domains – We cannot accept any responsibility around data loss or damage due to any actions performed by the client within their cPanel environment.
  7. Non-Payment – if the automated payments fail for any reason, the myYoku card / website will no longer be visible to the public. Once the automated payments have been reactivated, the site will be made visible again after any outstanding payments have been received.
  8. myYoku cannot be responsible for inappropriate content created by users. However we reserve the right to remove / suspend any myYoku cards / websites if found to be representing harmful or inappropriate content.
  9. myYoku cards / websites which have been suspended due to policy violations will not be entitled to any refunds.
  10. myYoku is the platform provider, and takes no responsibility for any client interaction with 3rd party service providers, or their clients.
  11. myYoku reserves the right to change pricing and design at our discretion. Such changes will be communicated to all clients in advance.
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